Prague – Central Europe Excursions

Karlovy Vary          

Karlovy Vary, the second most well-known stop in the Czech Republic after Prague will carry you away from your daily life, for a few hours, and will allow you to simply step into another world with its epic lay-out, luxury stores, wealthy and fashionable visitors, and its world famous film festival. In addition to this is of course the thermal springs from which the city gets its name.

The package price content includes lunch, one local alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, and transport and guide services.


Terezin Camp & Dresden           

In order to make the best of our limited time in the Czech Republic, we will combine the Terezin and Dresden trips.

The Terezin fortress, which played an important role from the Empress Maria Theresa period onwards, obtained an even more prevalent position in a historical context as a concentration and distribution camp all throughout the Nazi occupation during the World War II.  This trip, during which we will observe and understand within the same day the dark side of history, the war and the destruction that both sides experienced, will set us  on a journey from recent history to the present day.

The fabulous historical center of Dresden, the capital city of the State of Saxony, will surprise you as live evidence of the ability of a demolished city to be able to resurrect and will change the image of Germany in your mind completely.

The package price content includes the entrance fee for the museum and the fortress, transport and guide services.


Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora existed as the second most important city after Prague within the Kingdom of Bohemia thanks to its rich silver mines during certain periods of history, and it offers an ideal option for those who are interested in seeing a different medieval urban lay-out with its close proximity to Prague. Kostinice is located just outside the city and is a must see Bohemian City with its interior decoration compiled from human bones, with its old city center registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and with its famous Saint Barbara Cathedral.

The package price content includes the entrance fee for the museum and cathedral as well as transport and guide services.


Vltava Dinner Boat Cruise

We will float for two hours and switch between different levels through the canal locks and stations along the river on our boat which will cruise slowly on the Vltava River that gives life to Prague.  We will enjoy the night view accompanied by an open buffet dinner.

The package price includes open buffet dinner, one alcoholic or non-alcoholic local beverage and transport and guide services.


Medieval Night

You will leave the 21st century behind for two hours and will experience Medieval Europe as a whole, accompanied by its food, beverages and most importantly the characters of the period.  After the program, returning to our own period of time will be more difficult than you imagine.

The package price content includes dinner, two alcoholic or non-alcoholic local beverages and transport and guide services.


Boat Cruise on Blue Danube

This boat cruise is one of the most significant visual celebrations you can experience in Budapest. During this cruise we will enjoy the beauties of the Danube on both Buda and Pest while sipping our drinks accompanied by a Turkish narration.

Our tour is organized without dinner and the contents include one beverage and transport and the guide services.


Ezstergom – Visegrad – Szentendre

We will visit the Ezstergom Fortress which has been a subject matter for movies, its museum and the close by Ezstergom Cathedral altogether and we will have lunch in Visegrad in a very special environment which you will never forget. We will then see the famous handmade souvenirs in Szentendre, which is one of the most famous touristic towns of Hungary.

The package price content includes lunch, unlimited beverages, museum and cathedral entrance fees and  transport and guide services.


Gypsy Night & Budapest by Night

Are you up for tasting typical Hungarian dishes in a traditional Hungarian tavern, accompanied by famous Gypsy music and dances?

The package price content includes dinner, unlimited beverages and transport and guide services.


Vienna Woods – Seegrotte Cave – Baden

Altogether, we will visit the places that have significance both in the Second World War and the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We will visit the famous underground cave Seegrotte, the historical hunting lodge where the Tragedy of Mayerling took place, and Baden, one of the major thermal springs of Austria. Hence we will discover the Austria outside of Vienna.

The package price includes transport, entrance fee for the museum and the cave and guide services.


Classical music concert in Vienna

This is an opportunity not to be missed for those who would like to experience the compositions of various famous composers in a historical environment, in the concert hall in which Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed their works in their time in Vienna, a city which first comes to minds or is even the major city when classical music is in question.


Grinzing night entertainment & Vienna by night

Our destination is the town of Grinzing to entertain ourselves as we please. Grinzing is the town where the people of Vienna threw themselves into the arms of the music and entertainment during the World War II, even though temporarily, in order to escape the atmosphere of war. The town hosts many historical taverns and restaurants preserving their old texture.