TRS Group is a DMC (Destination Management Company) that offers distinctive advantages within our trade fair organization services. We provide a unique approach that extends beyond major cities like Paris and Brussels to also cover mid-sized cities such as Lyon, Lille, and Bruges. Our capabilities encompass a variety of elements, including presenting alternative options to housing establishments, offering pre-negotiated exclusive agreements with fair and convention hotels, arranging B2B meetings during exhibitions, providing registration support, delivering translation and assistance services, and even managing booth installations and catering services. With TRS Group, your fair organization experience will be elevated to new heights, as we bring our expertise to each facet of your event.

As TRS Group, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of services throughout every stage of fair organization. From handling registration procedures to providing translation and assistance services, we meticulously manage every detail. Our proficiency also extends to the physical aspects of the fair, including booth setup and catering services, ensuring a seamless experience for our participants. By partnering with us, you'll encounter full-fledged support and creative solutions that encompass every aspect of fair organization. TRS Group is dedicated to making your fair organization endeavors remarkably successful and unforgettable.

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